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Secrets Are What People Are Made Of

Secrets Are What People Are Made Of

Thank you, my dear, for that self-revelation.
I hold the intimacy it implied
Close to my heart – which, in its proper station,
Is cold and calm and unperturbed inside.
I am not here suspecting that you lied—
But, if you did, the thrill you gave my soul
Is still a thrill that cannot be denied.
If not, it is indeed gold that I stole.
But, please, no more! I’ve learned to love you whole,
Aware I know you superficially.
Hide deep things deep and play the easy role.
I’ll keep in mind there’s much I’ll never see,
Much treasure that I’ll never get to steal.
That is your substance. That’s what makes you real.

–Tom Riley

Nihilist Is Disappointed in Love

The Nihilist Is Disappointed in Love

He whispered sweet
nothings – but the void was
less than charmed.

–Tom Riley

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Werewolf in Love

Werewolf in Love


“Are you all right, my lad? I heard you howl.”
The moon is way too distant to embrace.
I’m thinking I should just throw in the towel.
“Are you all right? My lad: I heard you howl.”
I sought to call an existential foul—
But she, serene, maintained her lofty place.
“Are you all right, my lad? I heard you howl….”
The moon is way too distant to embrace.


–Tom Riley


The Full Moon




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Love Poems of a Hatemonger by [Tom Riley]






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Love Poems of a Hatemonger….




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Miss Mature

Miss Mature

(for J.B.)

When Julie Brumley’s birthday rolls around,
That’s when the human family celebrates.
There’s sudden peace between the hostile states
As enemies discover common ground.
Enigmas fade. The Holy Grail is found.
Rogue leaders instantly acquire the traits
That we would wish on them. The heart that hates
Embraces love. The dollar beats the pound.
I know what you are thinking, Miss Mature.
You’re thinking I’m a liar. If I could,
I’d keep my truths both literal and pure.
I’d hang out in a truthful neighborhood.
Still, in my noble fictions, I’m secure.
Of course these things don’t happen. But they should.

Happy Birthday, 2017!


Barack Beyond Temptation

Barack Beyond Temptation


Others may be affected by the charms
Of Mrs. Trump and find her smokin’ hot.
Others may shake, a little or a lot,
At the sight of those cheekbones and bare arms.
Others’ hearts may raise echoing alarms.
Others’ libidos may be tied in knot
On knot. Lads, are your own defenses shot?
Most are the same in cities and on farms.
But virtuous Obama is immune.
His troth to his true love is ever crescent.
Melania can never make him swoon.
Her brightest smile is slight and evanescent.
To his true love he sings a constant tune:
Reggie Love’s organ, mostly when tumescent.


—Tom Riley


The Heresiarch




(for Cate Harmon)




“I shall be an heresiarch someday!”

He made the resolution really young—

And tried to filter deep black from the gray

Of everyday existence.  Long unsung,

He crafted hymns so fit for throat and tongue

That only the elect held back from singing.

Experts admired the subtleties he’d wrung

From errors dull.  His rhetoric was stinging.

Angels, however, were forever winging

Through the air that he strove to dominate.

Up though his damned complexities were springing,

Angels revealed that all his love was hate.

His punishment on this world made him sick:

He ended up a common heretic.





-Tom Riley





“We hate alike.”


–Tullus Aufidius



We hate the same damn people, you and I.

That is the basis of the love we share.

That hideous, smoked hag, that bulbous guy,

That wickedness no wishes can repair—

On these we fix the same judgmental stare;

These are indeed inspiring in their way.

They have inspired in us the same fierce prayer

That David, long pursued, had strength to pray.

Heaven responded then.  Ah, what a day

They had, well-favored David’s hapless foes!

O Lord, put on another such display!

Let it descend on these as once on those!

My friend and I have focused all our prayers:

Oh, let disaster take then unawares!



–Tom Riley