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Carmina et Verba pro Discipulis Meis

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The righteous Moser now composes prayers.
He is a satirist we must admire.
At Donald Trump’s deficiencies he stares—
Then utters forth ferocious lines of fire
While strumming on a cool stylistic lyre.
Amongst the vast Resistance, he’s the best—
And of his genius we can never tire.
Or anyhow, that’s how he sees his quest.
It can’t be my place, people, to suggest
That Moser is as bright as swamp-soaked shit,
That, in the role of critic, he’s a pest
And furthermore a fucking hypocrite.
Therefore, that’s something I decline to do.
I leave such damning judgments up to you.


—Tom Riley


(Paul Moser, Napa’s Leader of the Resistance, composes a prayer.)



(for Mary Bisconer)

I saw you running, Mary, on page one

Of the sports section.  Ah, for that we’re made!

Our primal fathers thought that it was fun

To run across the sun-baked plains.  Afraid

Of something new, the beasts that made the grade

In strength and swiftness gathered breath and fled.

The patient game that early humans played

Left many of those mighty monsters dead.

Hunted beasts, when they hear your rhythmic tread,

Your measured breath, can sense their peril.  See

Alarm in their wide eyes – and smell the red

Blood as it rushes through them hopelessly.

Yours is a primal sport, my dear: no lie.

I know you’d kill the same damn beasts as I.

–Tom Riley

(See http://napavalleyregister.com/mary-bisconer/image_a28010c8-0eb2-11e2-830b-0019bb2963f4.html !)