Drink Responsibly

Drink Responsibly





(for Wendy and Bob Biale)





With lunch I had Biale Zinfandel—

The Party Line, 2010 the year—

And knew as I imbibed that, in my sphere,

This was a brilliant light, a sounding bell,

More promising than any wishing well

Or victory of causes I hold dear.

It didn’t make the dark world disappear—

But did prove that I was not yet in Hell.

Some time has passed.  It’s now mid-afternoon—

And the world is as gloomy as before.

Soon, I know, I shall sing the mournful tune

I hold within my serpent’s heart.  My lore

Is weighty, and I read a dismal rune.

It’s time, I’m sure, to pour myself some more.



–Tom Riley