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Tenet of Faucism

A Tenet of Faucism

Fauci did torture puppies, it’s true.
Plus, he lies till he turns a bright blue.
He most likely sucks cock.
But he’s still our top doc—
And, if you don’t do homage, fuck you!

–Tom Riley

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Warrior Shea

The Warrior Shea

In victories he was swimmin’.
He killed children, dogs, and women.

–Johnny Cash

Feckless Shea needs
the state even to slaughter
a couple puppies.

–Tom Riley

(PP ally and notorious glutton Mark Shea wants dogs destroyed.)



Shea declared himself hero this day.
Took on pups with his wife. Shout hurray!
Swung a glorious stick.
What a pitiful prick!
He loves foes his mere buttocks outweigh.

–Tom Riley

(Planned Parenthood ally and notorious glutton Mark Shea declares himself hero.)