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In Angulis Platearum

In Angulis Platearum

Shea’s trying really hard to say that yes
To God. What’s more, he wants us all to know
How hard he’s really trying. What a show
He makes of it! How Pharisees progress!
Street corners were the ticket to success
In former times. Today, though, stages grow.
The Internet lets hundreds – thousands! – know
That Shea’s an earnest Christian, more or less.
Give me a break from such attention whores!
My gaze has pierced the artificial mist
That shields false witnesses and drooling bores.
Sorry excuse, this lame apologist!
His belly is the god that he adores,
And cream-filled donuts are his eucharist.

–Tom Riley

(Dog-hater and notorious glutton Mark Shea tries really hard – and advertises, too!)

Critical Condemnation

Critical Condemnation

My satire is a dire and dreadful sin.
Scott Eric Alt has made his final ruling.
When he expresses views, he’s never fooling.
His earnest frown has no time for my grin.
The door is shut. My sneer cannot get in.
His righteous wrath is continents from cooling.
He means indeed to give me quite a schooling.
Oh, yes: this is a war he means to win!
And, if I think that he’s a pansified
And gutless punk, a bonehead and a fraud,
His anger nonetheless won’t be denied.
He’s certain that he has the help of Gawd.
If he delivers limping prose, I’m fried.
How is it that I’m not yet overawed?

–Tom Riley

A “Sonnet” for Easter?

A “Sonnet” for Easter?


Insulting God with sheer incompetence,

The fraud Shea peddles yet more Easter verses.

In false rhymes his boneheadedness immerses

The reader’s ear.  Of course, he makes no sense

Babbling inanities.  In all events,

My rigor, fierce and Juvenalian, curses

His fumbling fog, which never quite disperses,

His carelessness, which never near repents.

Sad truth:  his editors are boneheads, too.

He fails in scansion and in rhyme?  So what?

He fakes Catholicism through and through.

He poses as a sage, though he’s a nut.

Ghettoized Catholics just don’t have a clue.

He drops his tent-like pants.  They kiss his butt.


–Tom Riley

Et Oratio Ejus Fiat in Peccatum

Et Oratio Ejus Fiat in Peccatum


May hypocrisy swell in him fast
Till his soul is completely outclassed!
May his mind fail to note
That depressed asymptote!
May his earnest prayer damn him at last!


–Tom Riley

Endless Fraud

Endless Fraud


I heard about your latest sinecure.
You’re piling endless fraud on top of fraud.
Of my disgusted sources I am sure.
I heard about your latest sinecure.
Your lies are now for others to endure.
Of course, you’re swearing in the name of Gawd.
I heard about your latest sinecure.
You’re piling endless fraud on top of fraud.


—Tom Riley