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Rhetorical Powers

Rhetorical Powers

You expect a tremendous amen—
But I’m yawning inside. I have been
In attendance for hours.
Your rhetorical powers?
You need not, sir, display them again.

–Tom Riley

Rhetoric Man

Rhetoric Man





Who once was Logic Lad has now become

Rhetoric Man!  He’s such a classicist

That those he dominates are stricken dumb

By his tremendous insights.  They insist

That you too mute the syllables you’ve hissed

As you presumed to practice disputation.

Rhetoric Man and all his fans are pissed

At your impertinent argumentation.

You should stand for the general ovation.

You should cheer for the common sense of awe.

Analysis and ratiocination,

As you pursue them, violate the law

That never yet required a written form.

Score telling points?  Ha!  You’re not even warm!





–Tom Riley