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Fat-Ass White Savior Done Saved the Black Folk Again!

Fat-Ass White Savior Done Saved the Black Folk Again!

A new commandment Shea bestows on us:
“Thou shalt be woke and shalt not mock the woke!”
It follows that we must not make a joke
That Shea does not approve of. On our bus,
He’s now a Freedom Rider! Don’t discuss
How dated is his posture here, nor choke
On his self-righteousness! Wrapped in a cloak
Of many colors, he’s dead serious.
He loves the Black Experience. He does!
There’s never been a savior quite as white
As he is. He transcends red facial fuzz
And honky intonations. Dyn-o-mite!
He cries with a decided nasal buzz.
But still, you Negroes think he’s peachy, right?

–Tom Riley

De Lazaro Parabolico

De Lazaro Parabolico

Across the Great Abyss you view your foes.
In life, you always knew this day would come.
I’m preaching justice here. How wearisome
My mortal voice must sound, its highs and lows
So distant from the aural wine that flows
Where you reside! Indeed, I would be dumb
And keep my words from adding to the sum
Of human chattiness: this goodness knows.
But, oh, I need to comment on your joy
In lines that number twice the holy seven
Even if klutzy errors do annoy
The well-tuned ears of those who know the Leaven
Of Paradise! I’m glad for you, dear boy:
The best revenge is looking down from Heaven.

–Tom Riley



You had dynastic reasons to convert,
They tell us. You were cold and calculating,
They tell us. Gutlessly pontificating,
They tell us to be endlessly alert
To these your faults. I trust you are not hurt—
You who look down on those still vaguely waiting
For elevation when the elevating
Comes easily, whose hearts are near inert.
You chose your zeal – but then you burned with zeal.
Christ rose indeed – and proved victorious
In you and in your heirs. The bloodless deal
We make with sin in you was ended thus.
You were, though nowadays the pigs still squeal,
Quite as sincere as any one of us.

–Tom Riley

(St. Olga, Equal to the Apostles, pray for us, that the Lord may grant us strength!)

A Brand New New Orleans

A Brand New New Orleans

(for the Rev. Larry Beane)

In New Orleans, the Rebel cause is done.
They rush to worship Zulu idols now.
You Western Civ types shouldn’t have a cow.
Idolatry is popular and fun!
In former European times, the Sun
Was worshipped – as historians allow.
So why can’t our society kowtow
To savage whores? Your reasons given? None!
Let spiritual license now extend
Into the region of the Southern Cross!
Monotheistic claptrap had to end.
We douse our cities now in heathen sauce.
Crudity is the message we intend.
The Christian heroes of the South? No loss.

–Tom Riley

Sacred Right

Sacred Right

The sacred right of child dismemberment
Is what Joe Biden’s eager to defend.
With Merrick Garland at his side, he’ll bend
Heaven and earth to battle our descent
Into respect for life. All discontent
With Roe v. Wade as truth revealed must end!
What part of “FUCK OFF” don’t you comprehend,
Misogynist pro-lifers? Now repent!
Such is the message sent by Catholic Joe—
And I for one could not be more delighted.
Biden’s a wimp as adversaries go.
Putin and Xi have never been affrighted
Less of a president. The end of Roe,
With Joe as advocate, is clearly sighted.

–Tom Riley

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Some of His Best Friends

Some of His Best Friends

(Bergoglio professes to meet with victims once a week.)

Pope Francis, saint before he even kicks

The papal bucket, suffers vile attacks.

Some commentators say that he is lax

In shielding kids from pederastic tricks.

The kind of media that always licks

His Petrine shoes now dares to make mean cracks.

“He never gives his pals the proper axe!”

These are assertions that he’s swift to nix.

How dare they doubt his perfect sanctity?

How dare they growl he needs to make amends

Not for the Church but for himself?  He’ll see

That this campaign of accusation ends!

He’ll prove his probity conclusively!

Sex victims are among his closest friends.

–Tom Riley

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Athanasius Contra Mundum

Athanasius Contra Mundum

Constantius said it first.  It was a sneer—

But history embraced it as high praise.

Against the world in those uncertain days

You stood for what the future would hold dear,

O lonely pillar of the truth!  In fear,

Others adopted temporizing ways.

They would have lost themselves then in the maze

That sprawled throughout the explication sphere.

You saved them – and you did it with a roar.

Politeness was a lie you wouldn’t tell

When faced with doctrines hopeless at their core.

You judged your adversaries by their smell.

You lashed out fiercely at their pointless lore.

The world that you opposed went straight to Hell.

–Tom Riley

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Things We Say to God

The Things We Say to God

The things we say to God, as we suppose,

Are formal prayers acquired at mother’s knee—

Expressions of a polished piety

And of the truths that everybody knows.

Oh, we repeat them – and how vast it grows,

Our confidence!  Expanding steadily,

It calls on every child’s heart to agree.

We’re warmed by an inheritance that glows.

But, in reality, the things we say

To God are exhalations of despair,

Obscene or wordless as the mindless day

Crushes the plans we’ve made.  The earthly air

Doesn’t cringe at the anger we display.

We stub our toes and order God to care.

–Tom Riley

Popeye Forearms

Popeye Forearms

AOC’s got a skinny-forearm beau.
I’m asking: what is wrong with guys these days
And with the gals who choose them? Time betrays
What’s timeless. It’s impossible to know
How low the standards finally will go.
Is this delight in girly men a phase?
Or will we say again that muscle pays?
Suspense strikes deeply as I watch the show.
Hey, AOC: my name is Riley, too,
But I have Popeye forearms, more or less.
(It’s true I lack the maritime tattoo.)
Do I like Puerto Rican girls? Hell, yes.
But then again, there’s pillow talk from you….
I wish your current boyfriend all success!

–Tom Riley

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Bountiful Lard Mutters

Bountiful Lard Mutters

Who’s backing Black Lives Matter? Mark P. Shea!
He’ll back them just as long as they’re in style.
You claim his motivations here are vile?
That’s something that you’re not allowed to say!
Shea is the foremost prophet of our day.
His insights are not subject to denial.
His holy channel rocks! Don’t touch that dial!
His virtue signals ain’t just vain display.
But back to Black Lives Matter. Hey, they’re cool—
And therefore for Mark Shea a perfect fit.
He judges you a damned and hopeless fool
If you do not agree, you skinny twit!
Black lives are due for Christianoid renewal.
They need a Fat White Savior – and he’s it.

–Tom Riley

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