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Judgment Juice

Judgment Juice



(for Téa Marie Erickson)



The lousy movie that you plan to view

Is way too bad to yield to simple wine.

You need far stronger stuff to render you

Immune to crap and bitch-slap into line

Your judgment – so you babble, “Hey, it’sh fine,”

When sober viewers rally and object.

Vodka, perhaps, might manage that design—

But I, my dear, am of the whiskey sect.

Jameson is sufficient to correct

All of the sense that you can bring to bear

Against The Hobbit’s defects.  You’ll defect

From rationality and cease to care

About the idiocy in that flick.

Drink fiercely and the film won’t make you sick.




–Tom Riley

Sunshine and Lollipops

Sunshine and Lollipops



(for Téa Marie Erickson)



The moment Téa walks into the room,

Sunshine and lollipops are everywhere.

Sunshine to me, though, is the fire of doom.

For lollipops I cannot say I care.

Sunshine to me is just a cancer scare.

And lollipops?  They only make me choke.

Sunshine and lollipops are in the air?

I dive into the nearest tarn – and soak.

Téa, your charm is killing me: no joke!

I’m pretty sure I cannot get away.

When it comes to life’s bank, I’m nearly broke:

Your beauty’s sure to finish me today.

And, though my heirs are certain to deplore you,

I do have to admit: I still adore you.



–Tom Riley

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves

(for Téa Marie Erickson)

Cher was singing her song in your brain
Free of charge.  Oh, implausible rain
Of good luck and delight
In the glorious night!
But you, Téa, could only complain….

–Tom Riley