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Sonnet on a Scene from the Zack Snyder Cut

Sonnet on a Scene from the Zack Snyder Cut

Jittery Barry suddenly seems still.
This presages a shift to super speed.
The dog’s bark stretches, thus does not grow shrill.
Now gorgeous little Iris is in need.
The Flash’s shoes can’t hold his feet. Indeed,
Can anything? The fluid known as glass
Is scattered by a single touch. World, heed:
The speedster chooses now to move his ass.
Touch her hair first – a tribute, not a pass.
The hot dog pocketed for later use.
And now, as member of the smitten class,
Make safe that perfect face, that fine caboose.
A final glance exchanged, warm intimation.
Such is the realm of mortal adoration.

–Tom Riley

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Poor Supergirl

Poor Supergirl

(for Regina Phelps)

Poor Supergirl is busy constantly—

Fighting some mechanoid in Tokyo,

Hauling a helpless panther from a tree,

Teaching the edgy Flash to take things slow.

Folks need her help – and she just can’t say no,

Not to the conscience gnawing at her ease.

She does what’s right, not just what gives a show.

She aims to rectify, not just to please.

When she shows up, the supervillain flees—

Most of the time.  But, if he stands his ground,

That’s more time from her day.  Oh, Clark agrees:

Superhood doesn’t just thrill and astound!

Superhood can be trying and exhausting!

She’s super.  Keep in mind, fans, what it’s costing.

–Tom Riley