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Progressive Zeal

Progressive Zeal

“We are sneering at Trump’s fake vaccine!”
So they said last October. “We mean
To refuse and defy!”
Now they all loudly cry:
“If you don’t get the jab, you’re obscene!”

–Tom Riley

Latest Book

The Latest Book

Book by Woodward
is just another tree in
a futile forest.

–Tom Riley


Review: Bob Woodward Donald Trump exposé "Rage ...

Two Conventions

The Two Conventions


(for Kathleen Riley, Ph.D.)


“Patriotism versus Propaganda”:

That’s how Jon Meacham sees the two conventions.

Ho, hum.  A drunk, concussed, sub-normal panda

Could speak more truth with more serene intentions.

“Patriot” Joe is owned by Chairman Xi—

Which guarantees a future Communistic

If Democrats should triumph finally.

The ghost of JFK will go ballistic!

Luckily, Joe and Kamala can win

Only through universal mail-in cheating.

Let such enabling therefore not begin—

Despite Pelosi’s shrill, relentless bleating!

I view the contrast through a different prism.

That is:  Dementia versus Dynamism.



–Tom Riley


Jon Meacham: We May Have A President Who Is Enthralled To ...



“Trump’s a punk! Trump is Putin’s mere pawn!
Trump is Hitler! America’s gone!
From Trump’s lips, shit is spillin’!
Trump’s a clown! Trump’s a villain!
Trump’s a monstrous disgrace!” Is he? Yawn.

–Tom Riley


Official White House portrait. Head shot of Trump smiling in front of the U.S. flag, wearing a dark blue suit jacket with American flag lapel pin, white shirt, and light blue necktie.

There Ain’t No Whore like an Eager Whore

There Ain’t No Whore like an Eager Whore



In his pink party dress, Rick is ragin’—
Or appearing to rage. Lame brain agin’,
He can’t rage, roar, or rock.
But he sucks Chicom cock
Without fear of new virus contagion.



–Tom Riley

Rick Wilson Does Beijing

Rick Wilson Does Beijing

You said Rick was a cheap, dickless whore
For the Democrats. Say it no more!
Although Rick and his pals
Are all cocksucking gals,
It’s the Commie Chinese they adore.

–Tom Riley


The Lincoln Project logo.svg
(Lincoln Project backed by Chicoms.)

The Walrus Is John

The Walrus Is John

I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob.”


–The Beatles

Another book of shocking revelations—
This one from John, who always wanted war.
No longer are there any innovations
In Anti-Trump-Land. From the same old store
Of flat clichés, the latest has-been whore
Bodies forth stuff to feed the generator
Of media resistance. More and more,
We feel we’ve heard it and will hear it later.
Yes, every traitor whines that Trump’s a traitor,
And every bonehead shrieks that Trump’s a fool.
The crowd hates Trump – because, well, Trump’s a hater!
Decrying Trump is terminally cool.
With publication let us go ahead.
Goo goo g’joob. Paul wasn’t really dead.

–Tom Riley



(Note:  Like most people, I thought the Beatles sang “koo koo kachu.”  But the written lyrics say “goo goo g’joob,” so “goo goo g’joob” it is!)

Heroic Annals

Heroic Annals


All the sages of late night TV
You have echoed – and so valiantly!
Against Trump you have stood.
You are brilliant and good.
In the annals heroic you’ll be!


–Tom Riley

Tongue Is Mightier than the Hand

The Tongue Is Mightier than the Hand

There’s whores and then there’s whores and then there’s whores.
The mainstream media contain all three.
Some merely boost their own financial scores
By glaring acts of sheer dishonesty.
To please their clients, some strive eagerly
As if full payment were an afterthought.
Some love producing cheap pornography
For its own sake. What wonders they have wrought!
Some even dare pretend they can’t be bought.
These are the funniest and most absurd.
In networks of hypocrisy they’re caught
Whenever their repeated lies are heard.
You’ve done just half your duty, S.E. Cupp.
You’ve jacked Joe Biden off. Now clean him up.

–Tom Riley



(S.E. Cupp delivers standard media whore boilerplate in mindless op-ed.)

Prelude to a Reelection

Prelude to a Reelection

Says the super-intelligent Shea:
“Trump’s a moron. His cult’s a display
Of deplorable traits….”
Shea is tempting the fates—
And will soon face November dismay.

–Tom Riley