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Werewolf in Love

Werewolf in Love


“Are you all right, my lad? I heard you howl.”
The moon is way too distant to embrace.
I’m thinking I should just throw in the towel.
“Are you all right? My lad: I heard you howl.”
I sought to call an existential foul—
But she, serene, maintained her lofty place.
“Are you all right, my lad? I heard you howl….”
The moon is way too distant to embrace.


–Tom Riley


The Full Moon


The Affianced





(for Margaret Cortright)





Prominent headline: she’s engaged to marry.

Here end so many heartfelt aspirations!

So many dreams are guys obliged to bury!

We little realize the complications.

Girlfriends may offer bright congratulations—

But tongue-tied guys who’ve proved a bit too shy

Imagine horrible self-immolations

That fill with smoke a dark and dismal sky.

The bulk of them will turn to Scotch and rye,

To bourbon and to vodka, for a place

Of dull forgetfulness where they can try

Not to be haunted by her gorgeous face.

Those who run bars rejoice to hear the news:

Now they’ll be selling twenty times the booze!






–Tom Riley

End of the Game

The End of the Game



Some brainy babe has captured Brendan Quinn.

Trinity girls are gnawing out their hearts.

The game they dreamt for years that they might win

Is over now.  Now all their scheming smarts,

All application of their female arts—

All, all is wasted!  What a psychic wail

They give!  How they are hurt by fortune’s darts!

They’re lining up right now to take the veil.

But Brendan offers comfort: “Don’t grow pale,

Trinity girls!  Don’t throw all hope away!

The yearning of your hearts need never fail.

You’ll happen on a substitute someday—

And at last know enough felicity.

Of course, your dreams will still be filled with me….”


–Tom Riley