Translations from the Ogrish

Predatory Poems from an Alien Perspective

Tired of reading namby-pamby poetry by puny members of the degraded human race? Then Translations from the Ogrish is the book for you!

Ogres have been observing – and hunting – humans since before the beginning of recorded history. Most people know that ogres are our close evolutionary cousins – though they are not quite as close as many imagine. Most people know that ogres are capable of speech – though few know anything about the Ogrish language. Most people know that an ogre can be a fiendishly clever predator – but almost nobody knows that many ogres are poets.

The biting perception and technical virtuosity of Ogrish literature are now available to the non-specialist! The translator of this volume is a widely published poet in his own right. His work has appeared in venues ranging from Blue Unicorn to Trinacria, from Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought to Anglican Theological Review. More important, he is acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on the Ogrish language. It may well be said that these translations are the culmination of a lifetime’s work.

So sit back and enjoy sonnets and triolets from brains very definitely other than human. Consider with judicious care whether an Ogrish poet really was the inventor of the limerick. And be assured that you have never read anything like these poems before.

Don’t become too absorbed! A hungry ogre may be looking over your shoulder….

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