The Naked Chimpanzee

by flammeusgladius

The Naked Chimpanzee


(for Chris and Tim Brumley)


The day you saw the naked chimpanzee,

You understood what fragile things we are.

That apogee of muscularity

Says to the muscleman: “Hey, no cigar!”

But even that response does not go far

Enough: a female chimp, half-starved and thin,

If Arnold Schwarzenegger sought to spar,

Could easily erase his manly grin.

And Rocky?  Being short is not a sin.

The female chimp is shorter than Stallone.

But, if they had a struggle, she would win:

She would unhinge his joints and break his bone.

She’d even cut Dwayne Johnson down to size.

That naked chimp was laughing at you, guys.


–Tom Riley