Mrs. Dracula

by flammeusgladius

Mrs. Dracula



Well, we agreed upon an open marriage

The night he popped the question, and I see

The need for it on his side.  He can’t do

A lot about it: it’s deep in his blood

To chase the girls.  And it was only through

His unrestrained pursuit of girls that we

First met: I still recall his youthful carriage

The night my soul fell instantly in love

With him, a man much older than I could

Believe back then.  And, anyway, I’m sure

Those little trysts don’t really mean a thing

To him.  It’s me he wants the drinking of,

He tells me, and he’s not just posturing.

His lips are scarlet, but his heart is pure.



–Tom Riley


(First appeared in The Lyric, Fall 1986.)