by flammeusgladius




(for Karen Swallow Prior)



Typology, typology!
There’s nothing like typology!
It makes poor chemistry look sick.
It trounces anthropology.
Those feeble disciplines address
a subject matter small–
but types, once understood, express
the Essence of the All.

Typology, typology:
the heart thrills at typology!
It explicates the Mind of God–
if God has a psychology.
If you seek elevation,
if truth’s what you desire,
then hear the presentation
of Karen Swallow Prior!

Typology, typology:
I’m with you on typology.
I hope I do not disappoint
when opting for mixology.
In atmospheres so rarefied,
my brain is sure to fail.
I’ll sit here, happy that I tried,
and drink a Rusty Nail.



–Tom Riley