Non sine honore in terris aliis

by flammeusgladius

Non sine honore in terris aliis

The Yankee literati couldn’t bear
A Southern gentleman like Mr. Poe.
Judgmental in their absolutist lair,
They scoffed at Southern genius. Even so
It always is with lamps that truly glow
In the thick dark that apes normality.
Into obscurity must such lights go!
To such truth, how can puffed-up frauds agree?
The messengers of mediocrity
Pushed hard. It seemed that excellence was dead.
The lies of Griswold spread alarmingly.
Delighted Yankees on that poor corpse fed—
But did not long enjoy their ghoulish feast.
Who raised Poe from defeat? Les symbolistes!

–Tom Riley

(The beautiful soul of Edgar Allan Poe passed from our earthly plane on this date in 1842.)