Communion Line

by flammeusgladius

Communion Line



(for Julie Brumley)



As James Joyce put it, here comes everybody:
The tall and short; the hideous and cute;
The thin and fat; the shiny and the muddy;
The shoulders wide; the supersized patoot;
Those whose views I could easily refute
And those I’d back with logic all my own.
That blonde’s hair is a dull black at the root.
That old guy’s grin to me is cause to groan.
These adjectives should not of course be known,
At such a time, to anyone like me.
I should be praying – on my telephone
To Christ, who urges me toward charity.
The joy in watching, though, is far from small—
And I the most ridiculous of all.



–Tom Riley



(First appeared in Trinacria #15, Spring 2016.)