Regeneration for a New Generation

by flammeusgladius

Regeneration for a New Generation



Regenerative medicine, of course,
means using all those baby body parts
Planned Parenthood provides. Into the sphere
of benefiting from abortive arts,
the pope has plunged. Let fetal brains and hearts
be given over to the higher goal!
On them let scientists exert their smarts!
What helps the body also helps the soul.
Francis may quibble, yes — but, on the whole,
he’s pleased as sin with progress of this kind.
Look: he has redefined the papal role!
Listen: he has remade the Catholic mind!
I won’t, therefore, permit it to affright me
that Francis likes to chew the fat with “Bite Me.”



–Tom Riley


(Biden addresses Vatican conference on “regenerative medicine.”)


(Pope meets with Joe Biden.)


(Biden known as “Bite Me.”)